Saturday, October 31, 2009

Superman and Supergirl

My Missouri accent in full effect with the chaos of family on Halloween night.
I'm so tired from my last road trip to scout locations for a feature I'm working on.
I beg Supergirl to pose for the camera. I look so silly in my Superman outfit.
I'm a fat 51 year old man with a bald spot but my Grand Daughter was so proud to see me in a Superman costume.

I walk outside what I call the Vollrath complex on Halloween night and kids walking down the street call out to me. Hey Superman! They don't care I'm in a $10.00 used costume, in my little town of Kingsville I am the king of the superheroes.

I say hi to all my fellow super heroes but other than my Supergirl grand daughter one five year old Ironman stands out. The boy in the cheap Ironman costume signs to me and I realize he is deaf. I tell him I can't read signs and then I try to remember the few signs I do know. A giant smile can be seen beneath his mask as I make clumsy signs back to him.

It's Halloween and my Grand Daughter made me be Superman because I gave my Grandson Denver a Superman costume. I told my Grand Daughter I would only be Superman if she was Supergirl. So I made her be Supergirl for Halloween but one little Ironman made me feel like Superman for a few seconds. Happy Halloween


horse and moon said...

the video doesn't play, but I love the way you talk about your SuperGirl :)

I see a big smile in your face even i can't see the video.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'll post it again in a smaller format.

The video plays on my computer but might not play on all computers.

More photos to come.

Lottery Girl said...


AWESOME post and video. Precious little girl with her grandfather. You are BOTH super!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Lottery Girl

Working on a feature length script so I need to get back to my blog soon.