Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here is a clip of the flashback scene from the production of
"Paralyzed in Paradise".
Yes, its meant to look like a home movie.

I'm going to give this sound from another clip.


Désirée said...

Very sweet. It's so perfect.

It is interesting who different it looks compared to the images I had in my mind.

I really like the family image and the home video style. Gives the right feeling for the situation.

Great work!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Thanks Desiree

I'm shooting some more footage of the flashback in the next two weeks.

After I shot this I decided the cheat reality again and make the children a boy and a girl instead of two boys.

My grand daughter hated the boy clothes we dressed her in and her coat looks like a girl's.

I'm doing a close up of her saying "Daddy" and will have her wearing earrings. "Jackie" in the third draft calls the two children by name, Mark and Olivia.

Mark is my oldest son's real name and Olivia is my grand daughter's middle name.

After seeing me pay Ashton (the boy playing Mark) my grand daughter wanted to be paid in french fries:)