Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Hardest Script

I just finished the first draft of a script called 'Paralyzed in Paradise'. This script is based on a short story I wrote for this blog called 'The Frankenstein Effect' in a May 2009 post.

I have written feature length movies that took years that were easier than writing this script.

The story is based on the lowest point in my life and how my imagination allowed me to do the impossible. I was in a metal ward and overdosed with enough drugs to kill me when I became more than just the possible. I no longer have fear of the impossible and know I was given the greatest of all tools bound in my soul. I was given the gift of an endless imagination.

In truth it is a gift we all have but forget how valuable it is. Imagination is worth more than all the riches of this world. I faced my worst fear in that metal ward and found the glory in never giving up no matter how impossible the odds are.

My friend Desiree Nordlund of the blog Me A Writer Of Movie Scripts is doing a rewrite of the script. Soon I will send her a contract by snail mail to her home in Sweden and my movie making will become international when she signs the contract and returns it to me.

I will direct a movie made from this script so others can do the impossible in their lives.

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