Monday, September 14, 2009

The Girl in the Photo

I finally learned how to post a photo on this computer. Simple really.

My Grand Daughter at her birthday party. She laughs at me as I play with my new video camera.

This post isn't about her party but about a half forgotten vision of a girl in a fountain.

A vision of a girl with blond hair and blue eyes that falls through the grid of a fountain meant for child's play but was in truth a death trap for children. I knew that and tried to get the fountain fixed when I worked at a science museum and historical landmark.

I just mixed a vision with reality but that has been my life. I ask myself if I'm insane everyday since 1975 when infinity flinched for me.

I did everything I could to fix that fountain but the man that ran my department was an evil fool that didn't understand the basic problem with the fountain and did a cosmetic fix over the grid that did nothing to improve the safety of the fountain. Two children fell through the grid and both were taken to a nearby hospital.

I knew what the problem was in the design of the million dollar fountain. A plastic grid was covered with rubber mats but that plastic grid was held in place by two lose plastic cubes that moved around in the wet overflow basin .

When anyone walked up to the fountain the streams of water blocking the entrance to the interior shut off. You then could walk into the fountain and the water streams would begin again.

A infrared beam would trip a timer to shut the fountain off but children and many adults would think it was some kind of pressure switch. People would jump up and down on the fountain floor until those lose blocks fell off a ledge causing the floor to fall into the overflow basin.

I tried to fix the problem by cutting a long piece of thick plastic to wedge in the basin but couldn't cut it on the shop table saw because the plastic was to thick. I begged my boss to let me take it to a shop with a water saw to cut it but I was told no because of the high cost of doing anything outside the museum shop.

Then I was let go from the museum and it wasn't my problem anymore or so I thought.

I began to have visions and dreams of a little curly haired blond, blue eyed little girl of two or three falling through the fountain grid and dying. In my dreams and visions of this I was told only I could stop this future. I believed this future and took on the most rich and powerful people in my part of the world to make this vision go away.

The movie Begging for Billionaires came into being because of these visions. I was black listed because of these visions. The fountain was removed because of these visions.

I can't prove any of this but I believe with all my heart this is true.

A few weeks ago I was looking at photos of my grand daughter when I saw that the girl in the photo and the girl of my visions were the same. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I became lite headed and had to sit down.

I don't believe my grand daughter would have fell through the fountain grid and died if I hadn't done the things I did to force the removal of that fountain. I do believe someones grand daughter would have died and they love that little girl as much as I do my little girl.

I'm sure the powers that be in my little corner of the world would tell a different story about the removal of that fountain but they didn't have hundreds of dreams and visions of a little girl falling into the death trap that was that fountain.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for all your ideas and words and judging from the birthday photo, you seem to be getting younger day by day as your plans grow. Good luck with the million dollar movie. Liked your grandfather's story. War is madness, it gets us nowhere... except of course to get us rid of such evil as Hitler.

Robert A Vollrath said...

The next post with a photo will be of your painting in progress. I'm doing it in oil paint. Please forgive the long delay in getting it across the pond to you. Love all your work of late.

I wake each morning and smile at your painting on my wall.

Yes war is madness and I know no way to stop it. I look at my grand daughter and think I must become more positive so others won't go down a dark road behind me.