Monday, February 20, 2012

Response to Spacevidcast, 2, 19, 2012

Unedited footage (I started out in film & I still use that term) of a response to Spacevidcast on You Tube.

You can see me waiting for the video loop to cycle in the first few seconds. In editing I cut the front of the video off and added a title. In the finished video I didn't have a mouth as the video went widescreen and I decided the Sun, Saturn and Neptune didn't belong in the video.

I'll wait a day to reshot this video with more NASA footage of the Moon, Mars and Asteroids.

I was drawing concept pages for Desiree Nordlund's  graphic novel "The Recreators" but my father lost his balance and fell into a glass table. Thank God he wasn't hurt but this unnerved me and I switch to putting together this video. 

Stress doesn't bother me in making videos but affects my drawings.

While this video was a failure it did calm me down enough to get back to drawing.

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