Monday, September 6, 2010


My Daughter-In-Law called me.

"Robert, do you want to come up early and go to the carnival with Cordelia and I?"

I'm so tired and my mind is starting to fall apart in what I call a memory drop. Every few months I forget just about everything for a few days. Why did I have to break a steering wheel off with my face all those years ago?

"Sure I'll come"

I hang up the phone. I'm too tired to dive but it's my grand daughters birthday. No that's not it. Something bad will happen if I don't go. Damn the crazy spirit stuff in my head. Hell, I'm too tired to go. The last time I drove when I was this tired I had a car wreak. Damn why do I believe in this junk? Why can't I be normal?

Then I think of the hundreds of times I predicted near term events. Then I think of the thousands times I predicted things that never happened. I don't have a vision. I just have a gut feeling. I can prove nothing, so I'll tell no one. I drive towards my Grand Daughter's house thinking I shouldn't be driving this tired.

I should stop to eat. No then I'll be late and something bad will happen. "You're an idiot Robert!" I say to myself but I drive on.

I get there and we walk to the carnival with Aunt Torrie. I eat bad overpriced food. Like a idiot I run out in the road to save a bag of marshmallows that little Cordelia drops as a hot wind picks up.

I'm hot and tired and want to go back but I can't ask because it's too soon. I don't don't know why but it is.

"What time is it?"

I ask and Amanda looks to the clock tower on the court house.

"It's 3:15."

I think to myself, It's time to go back. Everything is OK now.

We walk back and a tree has fell in the back yard. Big limbs are on top of the house and in the front yard where Cordelia plays are two large limbs laying across her wagon.

A neighbor tells my son later that the tree fell at 3:15.

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